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“Independent filmmaking is like the rodeo – your ride will last as long as you can handle the bull.”

Body of Art – feature screenplay

BODY OF ART is a comedy-drama about a mother and her son.

Cora, a legendary marionette puppeteer disowns her son Byrd, an art film director, when he sets out to shed his artist moniker to become a widget maker in Hollywood. He funds his rom-com by conducting a revolutionary and illegal cosmetic surgery procedure on youth seeking LA west siders and turns his newfound medical practice on his mom when she destroys his attempt at becoming a commercial success.

Killing Happy – feature screenplay

KILLING HAPPY is a dramedy about finding a reason to live, despite having everything you need to be happy.

When a middle-aged man feels alive for the first time in years after volunteering to be in a hypnotist’s nightclub act, he sets out to kill the source of his soul-sucking happiness: his family and job. He succeeds in destroying his life only to discover he had what he needed all along.

Ask the Mayor – feature screenplay

ASK THE MAYOR is a comedy about failed eco inventor Bill Ward, who becomes the town hero, gets elected mayor and takes down the corrupt garbage baron who runs the city landfill who just happens to be his father-in-law. If the Farrelly brothers remade Chinatown this would be it. Only about garbage instead of water.

Imitating Art – TV pilot

IMITATING ART is a 30 minute single camera comedy about Paresh, a 40 year old struggling L.A. musician and artist with a cult following who believes he’s the reincarnation of Dionysus, who teams up with Cliff, an old high school buddy and troublemaker turned broke cop to sell art forgeries. 

comedy fashion film
A guy works on his screenplay at a coffee shop from the comedic fashion film, The Selfie That Changed The World.



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