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“Independent filmmaking is like the rodeo – your ride will last as long as you can handle the bull.”

Body of Art – feature screenplay

BODY OF ART – A dark comedy about an obscure filmmaker paralyzed with doubts from a lifetime of emotional abuse by his mother, who destroys his mom’s career as a marionette puppeteer by plastinating her arms and filming it, launching his career as a big time movie director.

Hemp Already – unscripted episodic series

An episodic unscripted series about the pioneers that are helping to save the planet by making innovative products with the most versatile, sustainable and eco-friendly plant in the world, hemp.

Killing Happy – feature screenplay

KILLING HAPPY – a dark comedy about finding a reason to live, despite having everything you need to be happy.

When a middle-aged man feels alive for the first time in years after volunteering to be in a hypnotist’s nightclub act, he sets out to kill the source of his soul-sucking happiness: his family and job. He succeeds in destroying his life only to discover he had what he needed all along.

Ask the Mayor – feature screenplay

ASK THE MAYOR – a comedy about a failed eco inventor who becomes the town hero, gets elected mayor and takes down the corrupt garbage baron who runs the city landfill who just happens to be his father-in-law. If the Farrelly brothers remade Chinatown this would be it. Only about garbage instead of water.

Imitating Art – TV pilot

IMITATING ART – a 30 minute single camera comedy about a 40 year old struggling L.A. musician with a cult following who believes he’s the reincarnation of Dionysus, who teams up with an old high school buddy and troublemaker turned broke cop to sell art forgeries. 

comedy fashion film
A guy works on his screenplay at a coffee shop from the comedic fashion film, The Selfie That Changed The World.

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