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Working with an Alien

bts of director Greg McDonald filming actors

Working with an alien is tough! Ha! Not at all when the alien is played by Kaitlyn Clare and you’re working with Brandon Bernath, two excellent actors. In this behind the scenes photo we were hurrying up before the sun went down while filming the sci-fi fashion comedy film, Nowhere In The Universe. We managed to get what we needed with several minutes to spare before sunset.

Sci-fi fashion comedy – is that a new genre we invented? I’m not sure but let me know if you know of another film that can that falls into this category.

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Stone House Ruins

abandoned stone house in ruins in the California desert
Film location scouting
abandoned stone house in ruins in the California desert
Film location scouting

Stone house ruins in the California high desert. I came across this great abandoned stone house half destroyed while scouting location for an upcoming fashion comedy film. I was seeking a completely desolate area to film in and this isn’t what I was looking for at all but it would be a great location for something so I’m really glad I just happened to drive by it. It makes me want to think of something that could be shot here. Maybe a photo shoot. Not sure but I hope no one tears it down before I can film here!

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Check out Narrative stuff. Or Photography. Commercial and Fashion films.

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